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Phoenix Suns 2015/16 schedule released, will open at home versus Dallas Mavericks

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns will open their season at home for the fifth straight year when they take on Tyson Chandler's twice-former team, the Dallas Mavericks, on Wednesday, October 28.

You can find the full schedule here, at the Suns official website.

Some quick observations:

  • The defending champion Golden State Warriors (still feels crazy to say that) come to town on Friday, November 27
  • Disgrunted former Suns tweener Marcus Morris is coming back to Clown Town early, as the Pistons and Suns will face off at the Stick on Friday, November 6
  • Four games against the Grizzlies. Dammit
  • Tyson Chandler will make his return to Dallas on Monday, December 14. They'll always love the big guy in Big D
  • Anthony Davis makes his first visit to Phoenix on Friday, December 18
  • No Christmas game. Who cares
  • The Suns will get their first look at LaOne who got away when they face Alridge and the Spurs in San Antonio on Wednesday, December 30
  • The Phoenix Suns spinoff series -- also known as the Miami Heat -- come to the desert on Friday, January 8. Goran Dragic will make his first appearance since publicly torching the front office, Gerald Green will return after complaining of disrespect through his agent, Amar'e Stoudemire will remind us of a day when players left Phoenix without vitriol, and don't forget ... Len versus Whiteside Part 2!!!
  • Aldridge comes to Phoenix on Thursday, January 21. Really hoping he doesn't get booed. That would be stupid
  • Suns play the Jazz in Phoenix on April 3 and the Pelicans in New Orleans on April 9. Could these games have playoff implications?
  • Ending the season against the Clippers was so fun last year, we're doing it again
  • Longest road trip: Six games, November 29 to December 7 (TOR, BKN, DET, WAS, MEM, CHI)
  • Longest homestand: Seven games, Feburary 2-19 (TOR, HOU, UTA, OKC, GS, HOU, SA ... WORST HOMESTAND EVER)
  • If Markieff Morris gets his wish and is traded before the opener, that will mean only Eric Bledsoe remains from last season's opening night starting lineup (Dragic, Morri, Plumlee)

And here are the nationally televised appearances currently scheduled for the Suns (13 in all)

  • 11/12 vs LAC, TNT
  • 11/14 vs DEN, NBATV
  • 11/18 vs CHI, ESPN
  • 12/14 @ DAL, NBATV
  • 11/18 vs NOP, ESPN
  • 12/2 @ SAC, NBATV
  • 1/21 vs SAS, TNT
  • 2/4 vs HOU, TNT
  • 2/8 vs OKC, NBATV
  • 2/22 @ LAC, NBATV
  • 3/17 @ UTA, NBATV
  • 3/21 vs MEM, NBATV
  • 4/11 vs SAC, NBATV

As usual, you'll be getting your local television coverage from Fox Sports Arizona and the silky voice of national treasure Al McCoy can still be heard on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.