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Sunday fun: New Phoenix Suns Tyson Chandler and Mirza Teletovic bring the thunder and the rain

These are the best all-time dunks for the man who slammed home 179 dunks LAST YEAR ALONE (second in the league).

We haven't seen finishes like this since someone really tall and talented roamed the valley.

Contrast Tyson Chandler with the man who will stretch the floor better than anyone the Suns have had since Channing Frye and you've got the THUNDER AND THE RAIN!

Do yourself a favor and take a 5-10 minute break from worrying about Markieff Morris trades, and let's focus on two of the Suns biggest acquisitions this summer.

If you're trying to make a two-point guard system work, the best thing you can do provide weapons for them that force the defense to stretch the coverages to the limit. Tyson Chandler forces them to cover the rim and Mirza forces them to guard the perimeter. With Chandler setting wicked screens, Teletovic set up on the wing and Tucker in the corner, the entire floor is open for Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight drives into the paint.

So just breathe. Don't worry about problems, and just take in the possibilities of what these two guys can do for the Suns next year.

Only 6 weeks to the start of training camp!

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