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Suns rookie Devin Booker ranked by his peers top shooter in Draft

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Most of the categories were close calls. Except the draft's best shooter, which went overwhelmingly to Phoenix Suns rookie Devin Booker.

NBA rookies convened this month for an orientation to the NBA, which included (for media purposes) a photo shoot and lots of silly questions. Some of those questions included survey the rookies about each other. See all the results here.

Booker has been shooting phenom since before he committed to Kentucky, which was...erm... exactly why he was given a scholarship at one-and-done-U. Watch his highlights here from a single high school game where he dropped 40.

Of course, he killed it at Kentucky - winning the 'Sixth Man of the Year' in the SEC and going in the top 13 of the NBA Draft despite not even being better than Top 6 or 7 at Kentucky.

And then of course he killed it in Summer League for the Suns.

So no, this vote is not a surprise. The only surprise might be how universal the voting was.