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Offseason fun: New Suns guard Brandon Knight probably wants to put Detroit behind him... forever

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

You know, first of all this is the offseason so we have a chance to decompress and provide a little levity.

And that's what Brandon Armstrong is all about. He's emulated lots of different players in the funniest of ways.

Now he's decided to make a little fun of new Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight.

Aww man.

Here's a couple pics of the actual Jordan dunk over Knight. B.A. totally got the Knight reaction wrong. You land on your BACK, man!



If you're still curious, here's the whole highlight reel of Brandon Knight's... less than best NBA plays, starring the real Brandon Knight.

The good news is that all of these lowlights are when he was in Detroit, starting for a really bad team at 19 and 20 years old.

And, they're all hustle plays at least.