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Suns Swag: 5 rare Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay

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Unique Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay!

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Shawn Marion Hand Puppet

Like a Corleone, you too can be the one to hold the strings. Seller offers no real details about this piece other than that it is "used." Definitely takes your bobblehead collection to another level. Pick this up for 30 bucks, shipping included.

Phoenix Suns in Rome Puzzle

Would look great next to your creepy Shawn Marion puppet! This 150 piece puzzle of the 2006-07 Suns in Rome comes in a sealed can that doubles as a bank. Buyer beware, the can does have a small dent on the rim. Buy it now for $11, throw in $6 to ship.

Alvan Adams Autographed T-Shirt

Hmmmmm. No COA with this one. In any event, for an Alvan Adams fan it's a bargain even without the signature. If you care to take a chance on this one, it's headed in your direction for the ultra low cost of 15 bucks after shipping.

Evidently an Alvan Adams signature doesn't break the bank. Found this one as well.

Phoenix Suns Skateboard

More Matrix! Stadium giveaway and still in the original plastic wrap. Seller has four for sale, and if you're interested in adding this to your collection, the price isn't too bad. $15 to buy, $15 to ship.

Jeff Hornacek Signed Clipboard

Seller states it's "great for displaying!" Or you could use it to diagram defensive schemes against last second shots. An interesting piece, it's being listed for $90 plus another $8 to ship, but the seller will hear offers so take a chance at saving some bucks.