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BSotS Podcast 8/25/15: Signings, the schedule and Steve Nash

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The Suns help fill the dead time with the announcement that Steve Nash will be inducted in the team's Ring of Honor, while the NBA schedule release and player signings to fill the training camp roster remind us the season is getting closer.

Bonus points if you know who this is.
Bonus points if you know who this is.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dave King joins the show to do things that only Dave King can do. While he's busy saving the show we discuss...

Recent roster additions - Terrico White, Kyle Casey, Cory Jefferson and Henry Sims - I swear these guys are really basketball players.

The Tyson Chandler impact.

Underwhelming predictions for the Suns from Vegas and ESPN (among others) and if the malcontent Morris may be affecting those predictions.

Steve Nash.

We also discuss Al McCoy, hipchecks, the weather, Donald Trump (that's just Dave), and whether I can convince Dave, despite being a member of the media, to participate in the public shaming of Marcus during his return to the valley as a Piston on November 6th.

The ever magnanimous King of the Bright Side also teases a charitable promotion that our members can get in on (more on that to come).

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