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Brightside Bling: Vote for your favorite shirt designs

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Help us deck you out in Bright Side of the Sun gear for the upcoming NBA season by letting us know what you think about a few designs we've come up with and voting on your favorites.

Brightside's best.
Brightside's best.

Until Adidas (all day I dream about...) officially picks up the Brightside brand we're at the mercy of our staff design team. It could be worse, though, since we have taken a little bit of creative license with the site logo and came up with (hopefully) a few good ideas.

Vote on which shirt you would most like to see available for sale on the site and let us know what you think about all the different designs including constructive criticism on anything that could be changed to make the shirts better. Feel free to bring anything you have to the table.

This time around there will be actual shirts for sale that won't get pulled off the virtual rack due to licensing issues. That's because none of these shirts have anything to do with anything except this site. So there.

If you have anything you would like to send me as an aside I can be reached at