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Solar Flares: Jerry Colangelo wonders whether Phoenix can support four professional sports teams

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10 NBA articles you may have missed.

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The defense attorneys for everybody's favorite twins have requested that a Maricopa County Superior Court judge return their case of aggravated assault to a grand jury because prosecutors falsely presented information.

If that doesn't brighten your day, peruse this collection of Phoenix Suns trading cards from the 1980s.

Nike has until the end of next week to match the $200 million endorsement deal that Adidas has offered Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

Despite three championships and six playoff appearances in the last eight seasons, the Phoenix Mercury are still struggling to grab the attention of sports fans across the nation.

"This community made me." Saturday evening T.J. Warren participated in a charity all-star game at Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of the B.A.G.S. Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness for Southeast Raleigh.

In case you missed it, and based on the lack of change in titles it's entirely possible you have, Ryan McDonough is the new president of basketball operations for your Suns.

Following the conclusion of the 2015 NBA Summer League, the Suns made several changes and additions to their basketball operations staff.

Jerry Colangelo acknowledges Phoenix sports franchises and their bottom lines are being hurt by factors such as low income and education levels compared with other large U.S. markets, the loss of several corporate headquarters, and technology and television deals making it easy for fans to watch games from home.

The Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, in partnership with Harkins Theatres and Coca-Cola, will host the fifth annual "Back-to-School Backpack Drive" on Saturday, Aug. 8 at two Valley Harkins Theatres locations, including the Harkins Scotttsdale 101.

As training camp draws nearer, here's a quick reminder of the Summer League performances from the Phoenix Suns in Las Vegas.