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Suns Swag: 5 more rare Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay

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Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay you've never seen before.

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Phoenix Suns Promotional Milk Bottle

Or whatever other beverage you'd like to put in here. This is among the stranger stadium giveaways you'll come across but still a neat item. Seller states that the item is flawless and it can be yours for just 13 bucks plus shipping.

Jerry Colangelo Autographed Book

A lesson from a legend. Seller states that other than a small crease on the back the book is in good condition. Buy it now for $30, although the seller will hear offers so you can probably talk them down. Shipping is free.

Connie Hawkins Commemorative Jersey

Maybe this isn't that unique of an item, but I confess it's not something I've seen before. Up for sale is this Connie Hawkins jersey obviously a version of the Suns uniform he never wore. New with tags, eighty dollars after shipping and it's yours.

Al McCoy Musical Bobblehead

SHAZAAM! You need this on your desk at work. Stadium giveaway available to a limited number of ticket holders. The seller states that the microphone in McCoy's hand has broken off. Call it a beverage. Press the button and McCoy entertains you with a variety of phrases. 40 bucks plus another 7 to ship is a little pricey for a damaged item, so offer half and see what happens.

Suns Hockey Jersey

We've featured one of these on Suns Swag before, but it's always good to be reminded that they exist. Suns Starter hockey jersey, new with tags, size medium. These are somewhat rare, and I can't imagine why. Be the only person at the game in one of these for 60 dollars.