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Phoenix Suns rookie Devin Booker has fun at rookie photo shoot

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Each year, the NBA gathers the rookies for a photo shoot, followed by some counseling on how to handle yourself as a pro (and who to avoid).

Six Kentucky Wildcats were drafted this year, with FOUR of them taken in the lottery itself. Even crazier, two of the Wildcats drafted in the lotto didn't even start for UK. Devin Booker, who the Suns drafted, and Trey Lyles, picked by the Jazz, came off the bench for the Wildcats but were still considered two of the best 13 NBA prospects in the entire nation.

Here's the whole rookie class, with our guy Devin Booker right in front looking great in the purple jersey.

Nice to see the kid being so crazy for the Suns.

The kid has a flair

Working the hair game. Someone asked Devin this summer who on the Suns had the best hair, and he said no one (including him). Guess he's trying to correct that a bit.

Now he's clowning with Karl-Anthony Towns

Don't jump young fella

A photo posted by Devin Booker (@dbook) on

Here he is with his fellow Kentucky draft picks, minus the Harrisons. Guess they just couldn't fit them all in one pic.


A photo posted by Devin Booker (@dbook) on

Gotta love Booker's outgoing personality. On a team that needs a bit of showmanship and playfulness, Booker's a good addition.