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Suns Swag: 5 unique Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay

Rare Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay.

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Phoenix Suns Bobblehead Set

Nice collection here, and the price is right. Three bobbleheads of generally well-liked Suns, all new in box. 26 bucks to buy it now, another 12 to ship and they're on their way.

1993 NBA Finals Hat

Imagine what could have been in this Phoenix Suns 1993 NBA Finals Hat. The seller actually includes in the title, "Chicago Bulls Won..Ouch!!" I understand if you don't want to give your person to someone who would type that. If you do, this can be yours for $34 after shipping. Could always buy it and bury or burn it, symbolically. Just an idea.

Vintage Phoenix Suns Satin Starter Jacket

My lady friend says I can't buy this, so you definitely should. Come out of the bullpen dressed to impressed in this vintage Phoenix Suns satin Starter jacket. It's used but the seller states it's in "pristine condition." $200 buy it now, plus $13 for shipping, but the seller will hear offers and I bet you can talk them down quite a bit.

Steve Nash Work Shirt

Appropriate dress for the ROH ceremony, I think. Used, 35 bucks in total after shipping, but he seller will hear offers. Size medium.

Suns Adidas Shoes

"Worn once or twice very clean" according to seller. If that sounds good to you, 50 bucks and they're yours. I've seen these listed for awhile, so take the opportunity to low ball.

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