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Morris trial timeline kicked down the road a while, looking likely to fester all season

The Phoenix Suns (Markieff Morris) and Detroit Pistons (Marcus Morris) would like these charges to go away, but all that's happening is that the trial timeline is being extended further and further.

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Maricopa County Superior Court has kicked the can down the road a little bit more on the Morris twins' assault case. The twins reportedly flew into Phoenix for the appearance today, but there's been no word on whether they stopped by the arena for a voluntary workout with the rest of the Suns.

All they ended up doing was listening to the judge offer another extension of time on the case, which all sides took.

After providing both sides a total of six weeks to file written arguments for an against a motion to remand a new grand jury to re-hear the evidence of the aggravated assault case, the judge has now provided both sides another month to prepare oral arguments for the court.

I guess I don't understand why after six weeks to prepare written arguments you need another four weeks to prepare an oral version, but I suppose that's how it works with scheduling and such. But, heck, I dunno, maybe they could have actually made the oral arguments today, since the written arguments might be fresh in their minds?

Anyhoo, the whole case has been put back a month, per the inimitable Paul Coro who was on the scene.

The hearing was set for Oct. 15 and Sinclair waived the Morris' appearance because Marcus will be in Detroit and both players will be amid their teams' NBA preseason.


If the case does not go to a new grand jury, the next pretrial conference would be Nov. 5 with Sinclair setting a requirement for a trial before May 31.

Now the timeline is all extended and might last the whole season.

At least now there is no reason for Markieff Morris to avoid Media Day and training camp. Their appearance was waved even during preseason, so Markieff might as well show up and go all the way through training camp and into the preseason and regular season before anything happens on this case.

See you in two weeks, Markieff.

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