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BS of the Sun Podcast 9/22/15: Camp starts next week

As the Phoenix Suns get ready to kick off training camp with media day next Monday it's time to get the podcast back in full swing. After all, We Are B S O T S.

And then Ryan was like, "There will be plenty of chances for all three of you to run the point."
And then Ryan was like, "There will be plenty of chances for all three of you to run the point."
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This will be the last episode this calendar year with no actual basketball activities to dissect. Dave and I will still manage to muddle our way through.

Of course, there is one preseason topic everyone will be keeping an eye on.

What would a fireside chat be without a little discourse on the inimitable Markieff Morris?

How will he act at media day? What should the Suns do with him? Will he do a read for our podcast intro?

After we talk shop with Markieff the Suns will be headed up to Flagstaff for camp before coming back for a free intrasquad scrimmage at the Madhouse on McDowell on Saturday, October 3rd at 6:00 pm.

Dave recounts his near death experience at the Madhouse and Jim rambles off on a mawkish tangent. What's your favorite memory of the Suns' previous stomping grounds?

Dave and I formulate a plan to hunt down the person who made the ill-advised decision to enunciate each letter in the P H X slogan instead of going with the more palatable "We are Phoenix" approach.

We will find you.

NBA 2K16 has released its full set of player rankings. Shockingly, no Suns cracked the top 10 at any position. Dave rips the game, not for it's ranking system... but for its animation... Who knew Dave was a gamer?

ESPN also decided to take a dump on the Suns... squeezing out a big double deuce (#22) future power ranking for the team. It seems just a tad low considering the Suns have been one of the nine worst teams in the league just once in their current five year playoff drought. Just when you think it can't get any worse... here comes the flagship.

Then, in the wake of Anthony Bennett's continuing plummet from grace, Dave and I redraft the top of the truly horrible 2013 class. Would the Suns still draft Alex Len fifth knowing what they know now?

Basketball is almost back.


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