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Marcus Morris: "In Phoenix, I thought I should have started at the three"

Former Phoenix Suns forward Marcus Morris says he should have started at the three, ahead of P.J. Tucker.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Morris has more words about the Phoenix Suns, and no words for the name of his former teammate, P.J. Tucker.

"In Phoenix, I thought I should have started at the three," Marcus said to Keith Langlois of "The guy that's there now might have been a better defender, but as an all-around three, I thought I was the best we had. And I thought a lot of players thought that, too."

Neither player is an All-Star. Let's just get that out of the way. But by all accounts they were friendly as teammates for nearly three years.

Now Marcus is throwing shade, and dragging others from the locker room into it? Nice work, Marcus.

In that time, "the guy that's there now" started all but 18 games last year and 104 of a possible 105 games before that after Marcus joined the Suns. P.J. Tucker was suspended for the first two games of last season (DUI), but re-took his starting role by the end of the first month of the season.

It's a shame Marcus can't just move on without throwing more people at the bus wheels.

"I'm in Detroit. I'm here. I don't even think about that stuff anymore. I'm here."

--Marcus on being excited to be in Detroit now (in the same interview he talked about how he should have been the starter for the Suns and was underutilized always being on the three point line)

In Detroit, he's saying he will bring some Rasheed Wallace qualities, and has been making friends with his new teammates.

"I've been telling the players, ‘I'm not going to show you everything I've got right now. You'll sit on all my moves.'"

--Marcus on endearing himself to teammates

"When I left college, I never shot threes. I played for Houston my first year and I didn't play and they told me I had to become a 3-point shooter. All summer, I just worked on shooting, shooting, shooting. Working on it so much that it's now a major part and you need that mix. That's the mix I needed, to extend the floor, and now playing with Detroit I think I'll be able to get a better chance to show my all-around game."

--Am I the only one who thinks Marcus is saying 'I get to be a midrange guy again!' ?

Good luck, Marcus. Hope your game backs up your swag.

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