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Purchase an exclusive Bright Side T-shirt to kick off the new season!

You always wanted to rep the Bright Side, but you hate wearing awful T-shirts. Well this one is an awesome T-Shirt and the logo is cool. You'll be proud to wear this anywhere.

Hey guys and gals, Bright Side of the Sun (and SB Nation) have entered into a partnership with BreakingT - a very cool custom T-shirt maker.

While anyone and everyone can order these shirts, this was made exclusively by Bright Side of the Sun for Bright Side of the Sun! You won't find this shirt offered anywhere but here and BreakingT.

The season is right around the corner. Media Day is Monday. The free intrasquad scrimmmage is next Saturday. Opening Night against Dallas in a month.

Just imagine walking down the street, or going to a game this year, and seeing another Suns fans wearing this shirt! Instant ice breaker!

Not only are the T-shirts cool looking, but the material is primo. I mean, seriously excellent! They are extremely soft and durable, and the screen print doesn't fade over time like a lot of the team-oriented team knockoffs you might find.

Order yours now, before supplies run out: Order from BreakingT here.

Suns Out Guns Out

We decided our first official offering should be a mix of the Bright Side logo (the flaming Sun ball) and Suns colors. We've been dying in 100+ degree heat for 5-6 months now, so why not revel in it a bit longer!


The detes

These shirts are incredibly soft, durable and fit you very well. The sizes run from small to 2XL.

If you're in-between sizes, err on the side of caution and get the next size up.

You might be wondering, does Dave get anything out of this? Why yes, as a matter of fact I do benefit from the sales of these shirts, and that's one of the things that makes BreakingT a great partner. I came up with the idea, and helped design the shirt and now I reap a tiny bit of reward on each sale.

Order now!

Don't wait, Suns fans. Get yourself a Bright Side "Suns out" T before supplies run out. These guys at BreakingT are kinda like Disney - they don't leave designs on the shelf forever. Something about leaving fans wanting...

Order yours now, before supplies run out: Order from BreakingT here

BreakingT tells me they can ship out within 1-2 days of placing the order. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail which is usually 2-day shipping time in the continental US.

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