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What's the Beef? Markieff Morris will dominate Phoenix Suns Media Day thoughts

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The new Phoenix Suns season starts today! The season kicks off with a three-hour Media Day to be attended by no less than FIVE Bright Siders to give you the widest range of coverage possible!

Sean Sullivan (yes, he's still alive), Jim Coughenour (Lon's favorite person), Kellan Olson (rookie) and I will be getting interviews while Evan Wendt will be the videographer. That's a lot of guys, so hopefully we won't miss anything important.

Set up

Media Day begins at the podium at 10am this morning.

First, GM Ryan McDonough, then coach Jeff Hornacek, then a parade of players in order of importance. On the side, players, coaches, etc. will be milling about for smaller interviews while the big guys are on the stage.

All of this will be streamed live on in some form or another. And of course, you can follow along on twitter if you don't want to get in trouble for watching live streaming at work.

Major Themes

Some of the primary questions I'd like answered today

  • After the trades in February, the Suns had one of the worst offenses in the league. How will the additions of one defense-oriented starter (Chandler) and a few rotation players (Teletovic, Weems, Price) turn that around?
  • After dropping to 10th in three-point attempt rate last year, and making just 31% after the All-Star break, will the Suns push back up to the top of those rankings in 3P attempt rate? Or focus more on the mid-range comfort zone with Bledsoe, Knight, Warren and Morris?
  • Is the offensive scheme going to change at all? What kind of new plays have been added?
  • If the team is going to focus on defense this season, what's the goal? How will that improvement be measured?
  • Which players have stood out in voluntary workouts? Which players surprised you?
  • How healthy is Brandon Knight? Just two weeks ago, he said his ankle is still a bit sore.
  • Steve Nash tweeted that the Suns reached out to him after he'd already agreed with the Warriors. Was the Suns interest a reaction to the leaked news on the Warriors? Or did the Suns have that plan, but hadn't acted in time?
What about you? What NON-Markieff questions would you like asked?

What's the Beef?

Okay, now to the elephant in the room.

As of late last week, Phoenix Suns GM Ryan McDonough had not yet spoken to Markieff Morris since before Marcus was traded to Detroit in early July. Morris has been in Phoenix since his court hearing on September 16, but he has not played any pickup games with his Suns teammates at the arena.

"Members of our staff have," he said of not speaking with Morris yet. "Our coaching staff has been in touch with Markieff. They've worked with him on the court, said he looks good. He's in good shape. He's never really out-of-shape, that's one of the things that he does pretty consistently well. He trains year-round. He works hard."

--McDonough to Craig Grialou, Arizona Sports

Media Day is the first time anyone will hear what Markieff Morris has to say about his future in Phoenix, and his overall attitude in general toward the season.

The last anyone saw of Markieff's intentions were his tweets that his future was not in Phoenix. But it appears he's staying with the Suns for the foreseeable future.

Leave your questions

Let me know what questions you want asked at Media Day today!

  • Leave your serious questions in the comment section.
  • Also, leave your best ", said Keef, probably" predictions on what the 26-year old individual without a brother on the team will say about the Suns when he takes the podium today.

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