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BS of the Sun Podcast 9/29/15: Phoenix Suns Media Day Recap

Media Day is in the books and the season has officially started with the Suns headed to Flagstaff for training camp. Foolishness didn't rule the day, with Markieff Morris playing the role of a consummate professional, and instead there was discussion on real basketball topics.

See how many Bright Side writers you can name in this picture...
See how many Bright Side writers you can name in this picture...
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Sullivan jumped on board tonight since Dave was busy emailing me from his iPhone while he was supposed to be watching a baseball game.

This will be a common occurrence throughout the season as Kellan Olson and other staff writers will join the fray. We will have our share of special/celebrity guests, too.

Basically, the only guy your stuck listening to every show is me.

Sorry about that.

We would be negligent in our duties if we didn't kick off the show by touching on the big story that was a non-story, as Markieff showed up and didn't cause any kind of disturbance. Sean and I still see that as a fluid situation that isn't going to end well.

After that we hit all the bases from Media Day.

- Takes from Ryan McDonough and Jeff Hornacek

- The roles of players on the bench and training camp battles

- The Chandler/Len dynamic

- Playoff expectations

Plus more...


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