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Morris brothers should market their own Where's Keef? game

The Morris twins have spent more time in the media this summer than Stephen Curry, yet for the first time in their careers they seem to be seeking it out. Usually, it's because they are trying to tweak the Phoenix Suns and this week was no exception.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Like a Where's Walgo game, folks in Phoenix are wondering where's Markieff Morris? Nearly all of his teammates are working out in Phoenix right now and playing daily pickup games, yet Keef is nowhere to be found.

While the Suns are working out and trying to build enough chemistry to win a high playoff seed, it appears that he and his brother Marcus tried to tweak the Suns with a couple group pictures among Houston Rockets players this week.

In this picture, the Morris twin was originally tagged on instagram as Keef.

But it really isn't Keef. It's Marcus.

Here's a close up of Marcus in the picture.


Then there's another picture of one of the Morrii with the Rockets after spin class.


Compare this picture with some closeups of Keef and Mook with the Suns.

Mook on the left


You can totally tell that's Marcus on the left of the two. Marcus' face is a bit rounder than Keef's, though they have the same hairlines and dead-eye expression.

Another difference is that Keef has a bit more hairless line on his beard, just around the mouth area. That's important when looking at the picture with the Rockets, making it obvious that's Marcus.

Mook on the right


This is them a year later. Still with the small difference bare beard spots and a rounder face on Marcus.


And again. It's easy when you look at them together.

Much harder when it's only one of them.

Early in the 2013-14 season, after a preseason game, only one of them was in the locker room. I approached Markieff for an interview. After about two minutes of talking about swinging between two positions in the front court, I mentioned the time he'd likely spend in the pivot given rookie Alex Len's injuries.

He stopped, smiled and said, "You know I'm Marcus, right?"

We all laughed. He even patted me on the back, and then tweaked me with, "Nope, no one's ever done that before."

Moral of the story

While we know now that it was Marcus in the pictures with the Rockets, what's the likelihood Keef WASN'T there anyway? About a 0.02% chance?

I mean, if Keef isn't hanging out with his brother, and he isn't hanging out with the Suns, just who would Keef be hanging out with?

My guess is they were both there.

Does this even matter? No, it doesn't. Players hang out with each other all the time. Marcus used to play in Houston, so he has friends on that team. It's no big deal at all.

Sure, we'd love to see Keef bury the hatchet and show up in Phoenix to be buddy-buddy with the guys, but he's not going to do that.

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