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Suns Swag: 5 unique Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay

Rare Phoenix Suns items for sale on eBay.

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Jeff Hornacek Parody Card

"The only thing sharper than Jeff's chin is is the knife Phoenix stuck in his back." An interesting pickup featuring our fearless leader, add it to your collection for four bucks or less.

Gorilla Tote Bag

The Gorilla supports being environmentally conscious during your next trip to the market. Buy this and insist your significant other leave one of their 12 red Target tote bags at home. Bidding is at $3.50, another $3 to ship.

Phoenix Suns Die Cast Ford Model T

Just the piece your desk at work is missing. Also a coin bank with a key for stashing away your pennies. No bids, it's at three bucks, shipping will run you $6.50.

Vintage Phoenix Suns Frisbee

From the 1970's. Used and used well. Would look good on the wall of your man cave though. Price is right, scoop this up for the buy it now price of 5 bucks. Shipping varies.

Phoenix Suns Phone

Another sweet vintage item here. Yeah, I said vintage. When is the last time you used one of these things? Hang it on the wall strictly for the show. Buy it now for 15 bucks, varied shipping.

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