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New Years Roundtable of Phoenix Suns fan resolutions for 2016

The Bright Side staff gets off their duffs and makes resolutions about their Phoenix Suns fandom in 2016. Add yours to the comment section!

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As the calendar turns to January, let's make some New Year's Resolutions as a Bright Side Community who follows one of the most disappointing teams in the NBA.

I'd insert a gif of the famous 'I can't quit you' line from a certain movie, but too many of you would be too uncomfortable with the context of that line to handle the rest of this article properly. So I'll skip that.

Let's just agree that no matter how bad it gets, we're here to stay. No use denying it. This will be year six without the playoffs, and yet BSotS readership is at all all-time high. Go figure.

We start the New Year with a few resolutions from the esteemed masochistic BSotS staff.

Resolution #1: What do you resolve to START doing in 2016?

Dave King: I resolve to start getting more creative and having more fun in the game recaps, especially after bad games. Mike Lisboa's recap last night was fun to read, even after a terrible loss. His tone completely took the edge off the game, and made all of us feel a little better. I'm not nearly as talented as Mike, but I'll try to do a little of that myself in 2016. Look out, Bright Siders! This is going to be a long few months, so we might as well have some fun with it.

Rollin J. Mason: I plan on developing a full set of food and drink recipes based on every front office move that didn't work out during the Lon Babby era. Current concepts include Hedo's Hedonistic Pizza, Chilly Chocolate Martinis, Redd Velvet Brownies, Kendall Marshmallow Surprise, Bite-Sized Isaiah Tomato Flatbreads, Marcus S'Mores, and something really salty for when Kieff finally gets traded. I will consume one of these dishes or drinks during every Suns game for the rest of the season and by ingesting every misstep the organization has made during the last 5 1/2 years our collective souls will be cleansed and we will win the 2016 draft lottery.

Mike Lisboa: Mutual admiration society warning! It's to have more fun with the recaps, a la Dave's answer.  Dave, Sean and the guys who cover the games in person and in the locker room are excellent writers and I admire their professionalism and the sheer amount of information and description they pack into their recaps.  I'm a dopey fan with a laptop and a couch whose understanding of the X's and O's of basketball stops after the first pick is set on offense.  I'm embracing that going forward in 2016.

Keith M. Scheessele: I resolve to be more active in the comment section of our articles. BSOTS is full of very talented writers, and supports an enthusiastic and knowledgeable community of fans. There's plenty I can learn by joining in the conversation. Mostly though, if the Phoenix Suns continue down the path they're on, it's unfair to subject my fiance to all of my basketball criticisms. I mean, she doesn't care, but I suppose she shouldn't have to listen to me gripe all the time. I guess I'm saying that my misery needs some company.

Deadpoolio: I, Deadpoolio, do solemnly resolve to start implementing a new superstition while watching games that will turn the season around for the Suns. Based on December's results, eating a single candy cane during the game has lost its effectiveness.

Resolution #2: What do you resolve to STOP doing in 2016?

Dave King: I'd like to stop assuming the best of the management team and the worst of the players. I'm just built to be a fan of "the man" for many reasons past and present, so my inclination is always to favor them. I'd also like to stop assuming every player and coaching movement is for the better. No, I won't ever be a negative person and assume the worst, but I will at least try to be more objective about the possible outcomes. I lauded the Chandler signing, the Knight re-signing and even the Thomas signing AND trade (yes, I was in favor of both moves). Don't expect miracles, dear readers. My stripes are my stripes. But I'll at least try to give moves the detriment of the doubt.

Rollin J. Mason: I vow to stop telling myself that I won't consume alcohol while watching the Suns, because it isn't healthy to lie to oneself.

Mike Lisboa: Forcing my opinion down people's throats in the comments regardless of how much statistical weight there is behind it.  I would also appreciate if other people would stop being wrong about things in 2016, but I'll at least commit to doing my part to being more of an entertainer and less of a blowhard.

Keith M. Scheessele: I resolve to stop filling my FanDuel quota in the final month of the quarter. I'll do a better of job of spacing those out. This resolution is brought to you by FanDuel.

Deadpoolio: I, Deadpoolio, do solemnly resolve to stop making snarky asides to myself about how terrible the Suns are in an attempt to mask my pain over how a season filled with such optimism just a few short months ago has turned sour. And in true New Year's resolution fashion, I will fail to quit doing so shortly thereafter.

Resolution #3: What do you resolve to KEEP doing in 2016?

Dave King: I'm going to keep writing for Bright Side. I'm in my 6th year writing (started summer 2010), and despite my growing belief that I AM the reason the Suns haven't made the playoffs, I still can't quit you. By gawd, I'm going to write a playoff game recap before I die. I swear it. I just hope the Suns don't win this little game of chicken we've got going on. I also resolve to keep doing the Bright Side nights every year, and maybe even expanding on the theme of creating a new fan base with other ticket drives.

Rollin J. Mason: Of course I'm going to keep following the Suns, and even writing about them whenever possible, because I am an extremely stubborn animal and my will is steeled by the promise of how glorious it will be to see this team rise again, and I want to be able to tell my peers that I suffered through the post-SSOL era in its entirety and that basically makes me invincible.

Mike Lisboa: Like Dave and Rollin, I'm ride or die with the Suns.  I think being a Suns fan was literally my first true belief system as a child.  I knew about Jeff Cook and John MacLeod before I knew about the bible.  I'm not going anywhere.  I also resolve to keep understanding that this is in fact a game we are covering here and not a serious thing by any stretch.  The Suns losing or sucking at historic levels for the franchise does not ruin my day.

Keith M. Scheessele: I'll keep learning in 2016. While the Suns are moving in the wrong direction since I joined Bright Side, I know more about Suns basketball than I ever have since I started following the team in 1991. Good or bad, the team is always interesting. I look forward to covering our Summer League team again in Las Vegas, and I'm willing to wager that squad is going to include a rather high draft pick. I also promise to have entirely too lofty of expectations for the 2016-17 season.

Deadpoolio: I, Deadpoolio, do solemnly resolve to keep getting angry whenever Alex Len plays like a soft, squishy baby out on the court! I mean, c'mon Alex! You're better than that! I've seen you be better than that! You've seen you be better than that! SO BE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

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