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Intentionally Foul Episode 7: The Phoenix Suns Are A Mess

In Episode 7, Scott Howard and Sreekar discuss the unraveling of the Suns season and where the team can go from rock bottom.

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The 2015-16 Phoenix Suns are pretty much a mess from top to bottom.  If you're like me you're resigned to that but still enjoy complaining about it anyway.

So on this episode of Intentionally Foul, Sreekar and I are going to talk about how bad things are (very bad), what the problems are (everything), and where the Suns franchise has to go from here (tank tank tank).  All the usual Suns subjects are addressed, Robert Sarver, Markieff Morris, Tyson Chandler, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight and Comet the dog from Full House.

Spoiler:  it's kind of depressing.  But hey, there's Devin Booker to watch and Bogdan Bogdanovic will eventually be here to play!

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