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Corey Brewer now trade eligible; could he be traded for Suns' Markieff Morris?

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It's January 15th and Houston Rockets' Corey Brewer is now officially able to be traded, and he could be headed to the Suns if previous trade rumors involving him and Markeiff Morris prove to be correct.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Back in mid-December we passed on the trade rumor news, originally reported on by ESPN's Marc Stein, that the Suns and Rockets were working on a potential deal to trade Markieff Morris. However, the deal involved Rockets player Corey Brewer who was not eligible for trading until January 15th, according to NBA regulations. Today is the 15th, the only question is: will the trade take place?

The potential deal also involved Brewer's teammate, Terrence Jones. Both Rockets would potentially be traded for Morris. And according to Stein and his sources at the time "... the teams could get that deal done."