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Markieff Morris missed dunk, injured shoulder due to "fatigued legs"

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On Tuesday night, Markieff Morris made his third start in a row. But he did not get out of the first quarter after failing to complete a massive, but ill-advised dunk attempt.

He wasn't hit. He wasn't tripped. He simply jumped too early.

As result, he hit the front of the rim so hard with the ball that injured his shoulder and missed the rest of the game, as well as the next. He might not even play tonight. Paul Coro has the scoop.

Morris is the most likely of the group to return Saturday after going through a practice with limited contact. He injured himself Tuesday when he came up short on a dunk try with fatigued legs.

"I would say, for sure," Morris said of being the closest to returning. "Still, I'm sore inside, though. It feels like it's locked up. I don't think I have full motion yet."

Fatigued legs. This was the end of the first quarter.

But hey, we all have bad days. Some days I couldn't even jump over a sheet of paper. I'm not saying this is me at the end of this next video, but I'm not saying it couldn't be.

We regular humans have no room to make fun of Markieff Morris' missed dunk attempt.

Hopefully Markieff can play tonight against Atlanta.

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