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Archie Goodwin reminds us that the Suns have another high-ceiling young player

The Suns finally won another game, and Archie Goodwin was one of the biggest reasons. Still just 21 years old, Goodwin put up 24 points and dished 4 assists. None of his points were bigger than the game winner with 0.1 left.

While we are all focusing on Devin Booker, T.J. Warren and Alex Len - and even the promise of Bogdan Bogdanovic - in the Phoenix Suns youth movement, many of us forgot about another youngster who just turned 21 years old last summer.

Archie Goodwin has been pushed down the depth chart for years, behind players with more NBA credentials and/or more realized promise.

But thanks to a rash of injuries, Archie has been given a chance to shine lately. In three starts this season - two in the last three days - Goodwin is averaging 18.7 points and 3 assists in 37 minutes per contest.

This play in particular makes everyone smile. Or make the "O" face. Or both.

The timing of this play was particularly important, as the Suns had just let the Hawks come all the way back to tie it. Archie was getting pressured every time down the court, but this time he held it together and created a great dunk for himself that rallied the team.

Goodwin had a great night, in the end, with the game winner for only the second Suns win in calendar year 2016.

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