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Tyson Chandler and Devin Booker star in new Rookie/Vet show produced by Steve Nash

The Player's Tribune has hired Steve Nash to produce a four part digital series about the duo.

Sign me up! How cool is this?

Check out the first episode here!

From The Player's Tribune:


The Players' Tribune announced today a new digital series, Rookie/Vet, featuring Phoenix Suns' Tyson Chandler and Devin Booker. The series pairs an inexperienced rookie with a seasoned veteran to explore the relationship that unfolds between the two athletes at different points of their careers. The series, executive produced by NBA legend Steve Nash and his production company, Meathawk, premieres on today on The Players' Tribune.

Rookie/Vet offers unprecedented access to a mentorship experience that is just as vital as any practice, film session or workout. The advice a savvy veteran has to offer can make the difference between a breakout or bust season for a rookie. Rookie/Vet drops into the action during four pivotal moments over the course of the season, giving fans an inside look at the highs and lows the players endure.

Here's the series trailer as well! We can't wait for the next three episodes!

(h/t The Player's Tribune)

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