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GAMETHREAD: Phoenix Suns take on Cleveland Cavaliers, 5PM

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Devin Booker's revenge on the NBA following his snub from the Rising Stars Challenge begins tonight.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie shooting phenom Devin Booker was snubbed from the Rising Stars Challenge, which ostensibly exists to assemble a game between the best youngsters in the NBA. Assistant coaches across the league apparently have been snoozing during Suns games -- understandable, but also unforgivable.

Booker was possibly squeezed out by the new "U.S.A versus The World" format when it was simply rookies versus sophomores in the past. Come to think of it, "Devin Booker versus The World" would be a better event than a Rising Stars game with no Devin Booker at all.

Watch Booker take his revenge on the universe, starting in Cleveland.