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Phoenix Suns Jordan McRae makes emphatic NBA debut, named D-League All-Star same day

On the same day the Suns signed Jordan McRae to his first NBA contract and played him 25 minutes in his NBA debut, McRae was announced as a D-League All-Star who will go to Toronto for All-Star weekend.

He's long and lean, and has a career reputation for never saying no to taking a shot. He scored a D-League record 61 points just two days ago.

But Jordan McRae has not had a quick road to the NBA, and at 24 is already older than Brandon Knight and four other Suns teammates how joined him in his NBA debut on Friday night.

McRae did not waste his NBA debut, and even spent more time assisting his teammates in the early going than taking his own shots. McRae had 4 assists in transition in his first 8 minutes, and finished with 12 points over 25 minutes for the game.

McRae also had a really nice slam in transition too. Watch the video here at the top of the article for all his action in the game.

Now McRae is (currently) the only Phoenix Suns player heading to Toronto in two weeks to participate in All-Star festivities.

The Phoenix Suns are awful this season, especially lately, so any ray of hope is great to see.

I'm glad McRae has a chance to play for the Suns this season (even if it kills Sonny Weems' minutes).

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