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The Bright Side of the Sun podcast is back!

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Hey there Suns fans!

It's me, Kellan! Remember? The guy who didn't know how to use GIF's and would write 2,800 words with screenshots!

Ring a bell? Still no?

Anyway, the Bright Side of the Sun podcast is back!

The bossman Dave King joined me for our first episode back.

Suns topics we discussed:

  • The incredible charisma of Sreekar and Scott Howard
  • Roster moves from this week with 10-day contracts
  • Vibes in the locker room after the win against Charlotte
  • Is it good for the Suns to be this bad this season?
  • A light discussion on the top of the 2016 draft class
  • Biggest surprises this season besides, you know, the team being really bad
  • Deals coming before the trade deadline?

As I say on the podcast, this is my first time hosting anywhere so I hope I led the conversation well enough or whatever I'm supposed to do. See, I don't even know!

That goes along with recording the audio and such. I'm investigating a solution to my clicking/typing on the audio and the scrappy audio from Dave at one point. We will improve! I think! Trust the process right?

Here's the link to the Soundcloud page for the podcast. For those of you viewing this on mobile, that link should take you to the app. Give us a follow with whatever you are viewing on to see the podcast when it's up. (Just a heads up... With Soundcloud's upload quota -- 3 hours on an account -- I'll be deleting the oldest podcast in order to make space for new ones in the future when we run out of space. I don't think this presents a problem, but it's just a notification in case you plan on listening 3-4 months late for whatever reason.)

Thoughts in the comments? Let us know!

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