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Phoenix Suns Intra-squad Scrimmage in Flagstaff; Game Recap

The Suns were flying high and playing with intensity in Flagstaff today. Here's what happened.

The Phoenix Suns scrimmage took place today at the NAU Walkup Skydome, as the grand finale to the Suns week-long training camp in Flagstaff, AZ.

The two "teams" were as follows:

Team White: Leandro Barbosa, Dragan Bender, Devin Booker, Tyson Chandler, Derek Cooke Jr., Jared Dudley, Archie Goodwin, Shaquille Harrison, Tyler Ulis, and P.J. Tucker (who won't play).

Team Black: Garcin Bakumanya, Eric Bledsoe, Marquese Chriss, John Jenkins, Derrick Jones Jr., Brandon KNight, Alex Len, T.J. Warren, Alan Williams.


First Quarter

The White Jerseys, ala Devin Booker, started it off with a steal and a fast break layup. Marquese Chriss returns fire at the other end.

Booker with a nice step back jumper that rims off, and Chriss with a sweet inside move to draw the foul at the other end. He hits both.

Jared Dudley gets his athletic hands going early with a steal, but Tyler Ulis misses a jumper, and T.J. Warren scores his first points of the game for Team Black.

Tyler Ulis with a BEAUTIFUL pick and roll dish to Tyson Chandler who finishes with the dunk.

Reminder...Brandon Knight is now #11. He gets fouled and hits 1-2.

Marquese Chriss with a three...He has the range.

Archie Goodwin doing what he does aggressive fastbreak and-one finish at the rim. He missed the free throw.

Devin Booker takes the last shot of the 1st quarter but it barely rims off. Team Black is up 14-11.

Marquese catches a pass and flat-foot dunks with authority...then Ulis to Chandler for an impressive dunk at the other end...It's getting good!

Second Quarter

The White Jerseys scored first as Barbosa "beep-beeped" to the rim for a lay-up. Alan Williams with a sweet twisting layup off a drive to the rim...The big man has some moves!

John Jenkins hits a jumper on the next possession for Team Black. Then, Archie Goodwin returns fire with a jumper of his own for Team White.

Tyson Chandler gets another big dunk off an assist. John Jenkins answers with a three at the other end.

Tyler Ulis with a nice jump-stop jumper over the defending Alex Len. He scores again on the next possession.

Team White now leads 31-30 at the half.

Third Quarter

The White Jerseys started it off again with a Devin Booker jumper. TJ Warren gets the first points for Team Black. Brandon Knight hits a three as well.

Tyler Ulis continues to impress with a nice and-one drive to the basket for the score. He hits the free throw.

Jim says that Tyler Ulis is this year's Miles Plumlee...he meant that in a good way.

Warren gets a nice fast break dunk and finishes with out for Warren this year.

Ulis sets up a trailing Dragan for the big dunk, but he gets fouled...He tried though, and it would have been marvelous!

Brandon Knight gets open for a floater over the defense.

Dudley with the vet hesitation and drive to get to the rim and draw the contact...and-one.

Bender with a beautiful inside move to the rim for the scoop...but it rims out.

Team Black re-takes the lead 52-50 at the end of the quarter

Fourth Quarter

Alex Lens starts off Team Black with getting to the line and hitting both free-throws.

Dragan Bender hits his first three...His first field goal of the game.

He misses his next attempt.

But he makes the next, again!

Bledsoe gets a three of his own for Team Black. it!

Chriss with an athletic offensive rebound and even more athletic put-back...his athleticism is unbelievable!

Bender with another three...his third make out of four attempts this quarter.

Ulis finds Booker on a beautiful back-door cut to the basket...Ulis is the real deal, Suns' Fans.

Bledsoe with a jumper over the defense for team black.

Chriss just threw it down all over the defense on a beautiful drive to the of the game, for sure! He's a walking Sports Center Top-10 highlight reel.

Ulis misses both intentional free throws. Team White is up two points with three seconds left. Black has the ball after the time-out.

Bledsoe drains a fall-away two to tie the game..

Game over, Tie game! Yes, it ends in a tie...seriously.

But overall...


Jim and I agree that Tyler Ulis was the player of the game. He's special!

My optimistic opinion...this is going to be a very  fun team to watch...and they might even be good, too!

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