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Phoenix Suns promotional schedule released

Bobbleheads, posters, maracas. Yes, maracas.

With the development of Devin Booker into one of the NBA’s elite players, and the ridiculous success the Phoenix Suns had in the 2016 draft, it’s unlikely you need extra motivation to get to a game. But if you do, check out the 2016-17 promotional schedule.

Everyone is going to want that Booker bobblehead. I want it. If you miss that, there will be another opportunity to snag a bobblehead, March 3rd, when Phoenix hosts the Miami Heat. The Suns aren’t saying which player it’s going to be, and that “mystery” is adding to a season already full of suspense. We’re just over two weeks from the start of the season, better buy your tickets now so you can scoop up the Native American Jersey Towel on November 27th.

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