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Locked On Suns Tuesday: Eddie House on Earl Watson, Brandon Knight and season expectations

Hello everyone!

Announcements! We are now on iTunes! Please subscribe over there and leave us one of those five-star reviews you here about all the time. This is the easiest way to get the episodes right away and listen on the go. Google Play is coming shortly as well for all you cool android folks. Also, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to be notified when new podcasts are up. We will also be doing some fun stuff on those accounts during the season, so be on the lookout!

Today, Eddie House is joining me on the program! If you couldn't tell by his name being on it, Eddie is going to be a consistent presence on the podcast going forward and is really going to help give us the perspective from a former player instead of hearing from a dumb nerd like me behind a keyboard.

When there aren't large developments in Suns land to discuss, Eddie and I are going to keep the podcast fairly split between Suns talk and the NBA, which I think is a plus for everyone involved. Today, however, we just talked Suns.

We discussed:

  • Why I believe Eddie's lack of Sixth Man of the Year recognition for his year in Phoenix is an abomination
  • The effect of Earl Watson and having the support of the locker room
  • How that ties into Brandon Knight's role
  • How Knight can adjust to playing off the bench
  • Our expectations for the season and what they should be for the team

Really fun episode. Thanks for all the support. See you tomorrow.

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