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Full highlights: Suns, Thunder go to overtime

Definitely, the best Suns game of the season!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you disappointed in Wednesday’s Suns loss and more interested in enjoying your Friday night with friends or family, or watching the World Series, than watching the Suns (probably) get blown out by the Thunder, well...

This is the Thunder. And the Suns franchise almost always plays the Thunder franchise close. Eric Bledsoe always seems to show his best game against the Thunder, as does T.J. Warren. And Russell Westbrook is always a total beast.

So if you skipped that game like I did, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

We missed the Suns playing awesome in the first quarter, going up 40-25 after one.

We missed the Suns leading almost the entire game until Hurricane Russell just finally pushed the Thunder into the lead.

We missed the Suns still coming back to tie the game and force overtime, then take the lead again.

And we missed Westbrook win the game on yet another incredibly athletic drive to the rim with 7 seconds left.

And we missed Westbrook have the first 50 point triple double (51 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists) in like 134 years or something like that (actually, 41 years).

And we missed Westbrook taking the most shots in a half (34 in the second half) since Wilt Chamberlain - you know, the LAST guy who averaged 50 points a game.

T.J. Warren had 30 points on 13/18 shooting, and 9 rebounds. Bledsoe had 17/6/5. Devin Booker had 21 points, but made only 8 of 25 shots. Still, he scored 6 straight in overtime to give the Suns the lead, then almost won it at the end with a drive (but was blocked by great defensive play by Andre Roberson).

Do yourself a favor and watch these highlights.

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