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Bright Side Podcast: By the Fans for the Fans!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tired of watching the Arizona Cardinals get pummeled today? Wanting to warm up for the Suns game with some pregame banter?

We’ve got you covered!

Paul and Justin are back with another episode of Bright Side of the Sun's For the Fans, By the Fans Podcast. As always, the guys provide each other with "friendly critiques" and discuss the things that are on their minds, including:

  • the end of the Archie Goodwin Era;
  • the first two games of the season; and
  • Justin's true feelings about Russell Westbrook.

In this Pod, Paul and Justin also remind everyone to join them in donating to our Bright Side Night.

This is such a good cause even Coach Watson helped out!

Or listen here

Thoughts, comments, questions, ideas? Hit up Paul (@DervishofWhirl) and Justin (@SoSaysJ) on Twitter.

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