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The Madhouse - Week of 10/31/2016

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
WHAT OFFENSE AM I RUNNING?! (No, seriously, does anyone know?)
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Y’all can handle the pop culture portion of The Madhouse this week. I’m a little too excited by the fact that:

Real. Basketball. Is. Here.

I could probably leave it at that. The NBA is back. The Phoenix Suns are back. My sports feeds are finally life-sustaining again.

Here’s what’s good in the League right now:

  • Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis are averaging nearly 40 points per game. Those numbers may or may not come down, but they are men on a mission.
  • 82-0 is still on the table for the following teams: Bulls, Cavaliers, Hawks, Spurs, Thunder Clippers.
  • Missing from that list? The Warriors. Because adding a big new piece is hard.
  • On the flipside, the following teams are winless thus far: Mavericks, Pelicans, Timberwolves, Wizards, Magic, 76ers, and of course, your Phoenix Suns.
  • Of those, Philly is losing by an average of nearly 20 points per game so... the Process still needs some trusting.

I haven’t been able to watch much outside of the Suns. How about you guys?

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