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Podcast: “By the fans, For the fans” on the Phoenix Suns is back!

Justin and Paul recap the week the only way they know how. Listen in!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Get your week off on the right foot as Paul and Justin bring you another episode of Bright Side of the Sun's By the Fans, for the Fans Podcast. Listen in while the guys watch the (excruciating) end of this past weekend's game against the New Jersey Nets and at the same time discuss various Suns (and other) topics, including:

- each of the Suns games from last week;

- where they stand on Brandon Knight (here's a hint, he plays a big role in the guys' new segment: "Who Does Paul Want to Trade Today?");

- the ups and downs of Alex Len and what it means for his future; and

- the big play (but lack of dunks) from Jared Dudley.

As always, give Paul (@DervishofWhirl) and Justin (@SoSaysJ) a follow on Twitter. And they also want to remind everyone to donate to Bright Side Night - they've done it, now it's your turn!

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