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The Madhouse: Week of 11/14/16

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone!

Important announcement: any and all references to the US presidential election, its candidates and issues, or memes relating to such will be deleted and posters warned. Repeat offenders will be banned. Thank you.

Sorry for the hardline, but I’m super serious about keeping politics the hell out of here. There are about a kajillion other places on the internet you can discuss, laugh or cry about it. This is not one of them.

In other news...

  • The Dallas Cowboys are 8-and-friggin’-1. Is this life?
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are also 8-1, but the best record in the NBA belongs to the Los Angeles Clippers who are 9-1. They have also won 9 in a row. I don’t want to live in a world where the Clips are that good.
  • I guess Westworld keeps doing Westworld things whilst The Walking Dead keeps doing The Walking Dead things? I’m still lagging on my prestige TV watching.
  • Doctor Strange was more popular than The Arrival. That should last all of five seconds until The Rock gets animated in Moana this weekend.

What y’all got?

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