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#TBT - Bright Side Night 2015 aka the best thing this site has ever done... so far

We sent over 700 kids to a Suns’ game last season. Can we top that number this year?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard that Bright Side of the Sun is partnering with the Phoenix Suns to send 1000 kids to watch the Phoenix Suns take on the New Orleans Pelicans on December 11.

You may also have heard that Jared Dudley is doubling all donations to Bright Side night this week, up to 125 tickets.

You may also have heard that every kid that goes will get a gift bag and 100 of those kids will get a custom Bright Side night t-shirt.

What you may not know is how awesome the event was last year! 700 kids and their families were treated to a big Suns win over the Denver Nuggets! Bright Side’s Evan Wendt was there to capture and edit a video of the evening’s events. Check it out!

Right now is the perfect time to bring some new Phoenix Suns fans into the fold. Some you remember growing up watching Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire. Some of you remember growing up watching Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Tom Chambers and Charles Barkley. Some of us olds even remember growing up watching Walter Davis and Larry Nance! Can you imagine growing up watching Devin Booker, Dragan Bender, and Marquese Chriss evolve into the next generation of Suns’ legends? That’s the gift you have the opportunity to give these kids.

Last year we gave so much there were actually TWO Bright Side Nights. Let’s make that happen again!

Donating 1-9 tickets

  • Some of you donators of 1-9 tickets will get their own pair of lower-bowl tickets to a game of mutual choosing later this year (i.e. just about any home game you want) courtesy of Dave K or the Suns.
  • Jared Dudley doubles your donation this week!

Donating 10+ tickets

  • Every donator of 10+ tickets gets their own pair of lower-bowl tickets to the December 11 game against the Pelicans (or you can donate those tickets; or you can exchange them for a game later in the year if more convenient for you!)
  • 25 of you get invited to a pre-game gathering to meet Ryan McDonough and ask him questions
  • 25 of you get to go down to the floor level to the High Five Tunnel at halftime
  • Jared Dudley doubles your donation this week!

Donate here:

  • Click this link to get started:
  • Click ‘Find Tickets’ and use the promo code 'Bright' when prompted
  • Select number of tickets, then select 'Bright Side of the Sun $16', then click the button ‘Find Seats’
  • Then click the button ‘Add to Cart’ to sign in as a Sixth Man Member, and then select ‘Donation’ under Select Delivery
  • follow all the prompts from there to make the payment!
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

For those of you who donate 10+ tickets, Lauren Baum will be in direct communication with you about 1-2 weeks later. Your tickets will also be at ‘Will Call’ on game night.

For those who donate less than 10 tickets, you still might win something for yourself! If that happens, we’ll reach out to you in early December.

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