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Black Friday Deal! Today-Only Offer for Bright Side readers!

Make a donation today and get a chance to win big!

Why not jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and offer a deal of our own?

Hope you all had a GREAT Thursday yesterday. And for those who live in the US, I hope it was a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Today, most of us are back at our desks or on extended holiday because that’s how American businesses work.

Some of you, apparently at least 25% of you, are doing some sort of online or local shopping today looking for deals.


Today’s Black Friday offer

This offer is for today only.

Anyone who donates at least ONE ticket ($16 each) today for an underprivileged kid to see Suns-Pelicans on Dec 11, otherwise known as Bright Side Night, gets a chance to cash in!

If you donate TODAY, you will be entered into an exclusive mini-lottery to win the following goodies:

  • free lower-bowl Suns tickets to a game this year of your choice (some restrictions apply)
  • plus, a Swag Bag filled with a vintage Suns cap, an exclusive Bright Side T-shirt and other Suns and Bright Side goodies

And of course, anyone who donates 10 or more tickets will also get free lower-bowl tickets to the Suns-Pelicans game on December 11!

Act now!

This offer is for today only!

It really only takes a couple minutes to get through this...

  • Click this link to get started:
  • Click ‘Find Tickets’ and use the promo code 'Bright' when prompted
  • Select number of tickets, then select 'Bright Side of the Sun $16', then click the button ‘Find Seats’
  • Then click the button ‘Add to Cart’ to sign in as a Sixth Man Member, and then select ‘Donation’ under Select Delivery
  • follow all the prompts from there to make the payment!
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

For those of you who donate 10+ tickets, Lauren Baum will be in direct communication with you about 1-2 weeks later. Your tickets will also be at ‘Will Call’ on game night.

Need more info on Bright Side Night?

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