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Watch: Devin Booker youngest ever to post consecutive 38-point games

No player in NBA history as young as Booker has accomplished such a feat.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Only an incredible player can recover from a terrible, forgettable first half to end up with the best game of any player his age in the history of the NBA.

Until Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns scored 39 points on Sunday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, one game after scoring 38 against the Pelicans, no player as young as Booker - a week removed from his 20th birthday - had ever posted back to back 38+ point games.

No one.

Oh sure, NBA players have posted back to back 38 points games before.

Anthony Davis did it just last week, scoring 47+ each time.

Last season, four different players posted consecutive 38+ point games. James Harden did it 3 different times! Stephen Curry had a string of three in a row once last year plus another back to back of 38 points. Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson each did it once.

The season before, Russell Westbrook scored 38+ points in FOUR consecutive games that spring, while James Harden and Kyrie Irving had 38+ back to backs.

But no player in the history of the NBA has ever been as young as Devin Booker when they posted those gaudy numbers.

Booker made only three shots in the first half, finishing with 10 points on 12 shots, and dishing only one assist.

But in the second half, Booker exploded for 29 points on 17 shots and added six assists to help the Suns nearly complete a comeback to beat the Lakers in LA.

On Friday, Booker poured in 38 points on 22 shots against the Pelicans.

On top of that, no Phoenix Suns player since Tom Chambers almost 30 years ago has even recorded back to back 38-point games.

Oh, and he also dished 10 assists across the two games as well, showing he’s not only about scoring.

We got a good one here, folks.

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