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Bright Side Night 2016 - Donation details, latest update, Suns-Pelicans

Bright Side of the Sun is raising money to send kids to their first Suns game.

Only one week left!

Human nature is to wait for a deadline. That deadline is now here. The bill is due.

Stop procrastinating, folks! We are down to the final days of taking donations. The game is next weekend!

  • All it takes is $16 and two minutes of your time to donate one ticket to an underprivileged kid.
  • $160 gets you your OWN pair of primo tickets to the game PLUS 10 tickets for underprivileged kids.

Dozens of your BSotS companions have donated. Jared Dudley has donated. So have Earl Watson and Lon Babby.

You can do it too!

What is Bright Side Night?

We, the contributors and readers of Bright Side, are giving back to our community by donating Suns game tickets to underprivileged kids to go with their friends and chaperones, have a great time, get memorabilia to keep forever, and a wonderful memory that many of US have of our first pro game.

Last year: 825

This year: We want over 1,000!

What: Phoenix Suns vs. New Orleans Pelicans

When: December 11, 2016, 7:00PM

Who we help

Here’s a picture of Lauren Baum of the Suns giving away a pack of tickets to a deserving school last year.

And here’s a comment from a reader this year.

"I wanted to let you know how excited and grateful the Boys & Girls Club in Tucson is to be included in this great project. I spoke with the Club Director and they are so looking forward to the game."

And here’s some of the orgs we are donating these tickets to this year:

  • Gilbert Public Schools
  • Educare Arizona
  • Washington Elementary School District-Seven Anchors Program
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson

Latest Update — 12/1/2016

We are currently just under 850 tickets sold for the December 11 game against the Pelicans. With less than two weeks to go!

That’s great, but not enough. In anticipation of a huge response from Bright Side readers, the Suns have reserved up to 2,000 seats at the $16 price if we need them!

Yes. We need them!

Donate Now

It’s YOUR turn. Don’t miss out. Don’t regret it later that you failed to donate.

You won’t miss the money. It really only takes a couple minutes to get through this.

  • Click this link to get started:
  • Click ‘Find Tickets’ and use the promo code 'Bright' when prompted
  • Select number of tickets, then select 'Bright Side of the Sun $16', then click the button ‘Find Seats’
  • Then click the button ‘Add to Cart’ to sign in as a Sixth Man Member, and then select ‘Donation’ under Select Delivery
  • follow all the prompts from there to make the payment!
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

For those of you who donate 10+ tickets, Lauren Baum will be in direct communication with you about your OWN tickets to the game. Great seats! Tremendous seats! Your tickets will be at ‘Will Call’ on game night.

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