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T.J. Warren back to practice for the Suns!

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As reported by Paul Coro, T.J. Warren will resume practicing with the Suns on Saturday.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Warren, the Suns third-leading scorer, will reportedly return to practice for the Phoenix Suns on Saturday after missing the last nine games.

He’s been out for weeks with what was termed only as a “minor head injury” after leaving a game against the Pacers on November 18 for “illness”.

The Suns still have not provided a lot of information on Warren’s mysterious injury, and had not previously even provided a timeline for his return. So it’s a relief to see the dogged Paul Coro finally get an update filled with good news.

There’s a chance he could play on Bright Side Night - Sunday against the Pelicans. I’m sure that’s been his goal all along.

Has it been so long you forgot what T.J. Warren brings to the Suns?

He was posting 20 points per game until his final appearance (2 points in 9 minutes before leaving) and had scored in double digits in every single game this year until the game before he went out ill.

He’s also the Suns leader in steals per game and often takes on the opponent’s bigger wing player on defense.

Here’s some Warren highlights to remember him by.

Welcome back, Tony Buckets!