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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Lose to New Orleans Pelicans; 120-119

Bright Side Night!

Booker Loves the fans.
Sean Sullivan

The Phoenix Suns starting lineup for tonight consists of: Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker, P.J. Tucker, Marquese Chriss, and Tyson Chandler. The New Orleans Pelicans starting lineup includes: Jrue Holiday, Buddy Hield, Solomon Hill, Anthony Davis, and Alexis Ajinca.

First Quarter:

The Suns first points of the night come from Tucker on a corner Pocket three. Pelicans jump out to an early lead though while Suns miss their next few attempts.

Tucker is the first Suns player to hit a shot once again from the corner pocket three...and then hits another on the next possession.

Pelicans up 11-9.

Finally, someone other than PJ gets on the board with a Chandler dunk from an assist by Bledsoe.

Booker follows those up with a two near the rim.

Suns up 18-14 midway through the first quarter.

Bledsoe with a nice drive and finish, and then Chandler with a score inside, followed by a Chandler dunk-and-one, and Suns are now up 25-14.

Alex Len checks in and picks up a quick foul...then goes after a missed hook shot and picks up another questionable foul. He now has two fouls, but remains in the game.

After starting to pull away, the Suns have missed some, and the Pelicans have made some...Now leading just 25-20.

Jared Dudley hits a three...But Reggie Williams hits a three on the other end to keep pace.

At the end of the first quarter, Suns lead 31-25. Reggie Williams who was signed from the D-League just one day ago leads the Pelicans with 8 points. P.J. Tucker leads the Suns with 9.

Second Quarter:

Dragan Bender, aka Dragan Ball 3, is in to start the second quarter. He misses his first three but we don’t care.

Leandro Barbosa is also in the game, and beep-beeps his way to back-to-back buckets.

Alex Len with the big boy dunk inside off an assist from Dudley

Tyler Ulis checks in now as Alex Len goes to the bench...Bender getting some run at the five now.

Well, he was...but now Tucker checks in and the Suns go small with PJ at the, really small.

Ok, that was a short-term experiment as Chandler checks back in to provide a little sanity...err...I mean...stability down low.

Suns clinging to a 43-42 lead midway through the second quarter.

Barbosa hits a trick-shot three that bounces 10 feet high off the rim, then goes straight back down and through the net. #illtakeit

Bledsoe gets a jumper to go...just his second basket of the game so far.

Timeout N.O. as Suns are back up 50-44 with three minutes left in the half.

Bledsoe now hits a three...and another...and just like that he now has 10 points to go along with his five assists.

Barbosa with a fast break off a Pelicans miss ans the Suns go up 58-44. Buddy Hield then hits a three though to stop the bleeding.

Suns up 58-51 at the half...Barbosa leads the Suns with 11 points, and Williams still leading the Pelicans, now with 11 as well.

Third Quarter:

Tyson Chandler cleans up a miss by Chriss to draw the foul and get to the line...hitting both free throws to start the quarter for the Suns.

New Orleans hits a three...but Booker follows that up with a three as well. Timeout Pelicans.

Chriss has yet to score, but has only played 9 minutes so far and only taken two shots...Let’s see if he can get going in the second half.

Just like that a dunk by Chriss off of a Bledsoe assist.

Then, Chriss with a nice assist to Chandler for the dunk.

Chriss now drives inside and gets fouled where he shoots 1/2 from the line. Chriss gets another foul on a drive, and once again goes one for two from the line.

Chandler with another offensive rebound putback...He now has 13 points and 12 rebounds thus far.

Bledsoe draws the foul on a three point attempt...He hits all three. Suns now keeping the pace largely through points at the line.

Booker hits a three as the shot clock expires and the Suns are now up 78-64.

Tyson tried to dunk all over Diallo, but missed the finish...Gets the foul though and converts one of two from the line.

Chandler keeps piling up rebounds...but Suns starting to cool down a bit offensively. They still have the lead though with one minute left in the third, up 80-72.

Bledsoe heard me, and promptly drives right down the court and fast-break lays it in.

Refs have made some questionable calls say the least. Not in the Suns favor.

Suns still up 82-76 heading into the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

Brandon Knight starts the Suns off with a floater...Only his 6th point of the game so far.

Suns have been in control all game, but Pelicans once again chipping away at the lead. Now Phoenix is leading by just three, 84-81.

Dudley hits a big three to temporarily give a little more breathing room..But Terrence Jones answers right back with one of his own.

Jrue Holiday hits a three and now it’s all tied up...Oh boy.

Dudley hits another big three...which was made possible by the offensive rebound and assist from PJ Tucker.

Steal and fastbreak dunk by Bledsoe...Suns back up by 6.

Three point shot by Langston Galloway...and then another. Here we go again.

Beep-Beep, two-points...Suns still up three.

Anthony Davis dunks all over Alex Len, and draws the foul. Chandler checks in to replace Len.

Bledsoe with the and-one of his own on the other end. Suns still hanging onto the lead by a thread.

Terrence Jones changes that with a score inside...But Bledsoe answers back with a three.

Langston Galloway again with another three...And then Bledsoe answers with a two. Tied.

Pelicans now up three after a foul on Booker with the and-one by Frazier.

Barbosa with a big three to tie it! He now has 16.

Another questionable foul against the Suns as Holiday hits two free throws.

Bledsoe will not be denied! tie game. However, he misses a long three at the buzzer...Overtime, here we come!


Suns strike first as Barbosa gets to the rim...He now has 18.

Pelicans answer, but Bledsoe hits another jumper to take the lead. Holiday hits the and-one though and now Pelicans take a one point lead.

Chandler with another couple rebounds...he now has 21.

Suns down three, and go for the quick two and intentional foul with 7 seconds left. Bledsoe fouls out.

Holiday makes both free throws, and now Suns need a three once again.

Booker misses the was tipped.

Dudley hits the three at the buzzer, but Pelicans were up four after intentional foul.

Game Over, Suns Lose

Tonight, however, the final score was merely an aside to the much bigger in which there were only winners.

YOU, Bright Side of the Sun community, helped send 1200 valley youth to enjoy a Suns game tonight that they would otherwise have been unable to attend!

YOU, and all of the young Suns’ fans that got to see and support their favorite NBA teams, are the real winners tonight!

On behalf of all the young Suns’ fans that you helped tonight...thanks, Brightsiders...Let’s all do it again next year!!!

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