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Game Thread: Bledsoe, Suns take on Hornacek's Knicks

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's just me, but Jeff Hornacek looks like he's aged a few years in the last 10 months since his firing by the Suns. He had an easy road to New York, but it seems to me the bright lights and constant media there in the big market is going to wear him down a lot faster than Phoenix would have.

Seems like he'd stay young with Kristaps Porzingis on the team bringing the heat and moxie of Devin Booker in a 7-foot lanky behemoth.

But then again, the Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony back and forth can't be fun.

tonight its Suns vs. Knicks.

Let's see how Kellan Olson's "bright lights" theory works out. The Knicks are definitely bright lights.