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Draymond Green kicks Marquese Chriss in the you-know-where

In Saturday’s game, Golden State’s Draymond Green did it again, this time kicking Marquese Chriss in the hand on the way to his butt.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody wants to get their butt kicked. Especially in a literal sense.

While the Warriors were figuratively kicking the Suns butts on the way to the 29-point win that probably wasn’t as close as the score would indicate, the Warriors Draymond Green decided to bring his high-kick act out one more time with an aim at Marquese Chriss.

I’m not exactly sure what Draymond Green is thinking lately. He’s kicked lots of different players in the past year and now it’s becoming almost a nightly event.

This time it looks like he got Marquese Chriss’ hand on the way to his butt. A kick like that could have broken Chriss’ hand and cost him weeks to months of his rookie season while the hand healed.

Chriss came out of the game at that point, but returned to play most of the 4th quarter for mop-up duty with his fellow Summer League team members, scoring 6 more points and grabbing 2 more rebounds.

Back to Draymond’s leg.

Here he is kicking James Harden in the head.

Here’s a really good angle at the extension of Green’s leg. He’s like a dancer. A dancer with a mean streak.

And then last year, he said hello to Steven Adams’ berries not once but twice.

Hey notice that lanky feller with the Thunder who now wears Golden State’s colors?

I digress.

Back to the Draymond Green thingy.

Here is he with an unconfirmed interaction in the woods...

There’s a lot of NBA players who attempt to create contact with the opponent without losing their balance as their shooting. Shooting out the leg can do the trick, but comes across as mean-spirited because the foot/leg are much more potentially damaging than the traditional upper-body bump.

With Green, it’s clear he’s developing a habit of kicking out when he’s near an opponent.

Poor Marquese Chriss.

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