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Final Score: Phoenix Suns get toasted, cooked, roasted by Warriors, 112-104

The Phoenix Suns extended their losing streak to nine consecutive games, and 24 of their last 27 games. The last 27 games includes two, TWO nine-game losing streaks.

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The Phoenix Suns had no chance against the Warriors, but Devin Booker continued to show the world that he is a player who continues to get better and better.

Booker had 15 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds - coming up short of being the youngest NBA player ever to record a triple double. Well, he's got the rest of the season and some of next to still lay that claim. LeBron James was 282 days older than Booker is now when he set the mark 11 years ago.

Booker played point guard for much of the night after Archie Goodwin started the game extremely poorly and then sat for 10 of the games first 12 minutes. Goodwin ended up with 20 points, but none of it was while the game was in the balance. Goodwin had 0 points in 12 first half minutes, with 0 assists and 0 rebounds.

Oh, and there was a fight. See below for more.

The Suns lost 112-104 in a game that wasn't nearly as close as the score might indicate.

First half

Let's see if the Suns can stay in this. Watson said pregame he's "got the bench starting". Clearly he means young Archie Goodwin and Devin Booker, who have to go up against all-world Stephen Curry and one of the league's best shooting guards in Klay Thompson. Klay is the lesser player who put up 37 points once all by himself in a single quarter. Oy.

Unfortunately, the game started just as you might expect. Steph and Klay made 3 of 4 shots to start the game, while Archie Goodwin played like he didn't want any part of the court. First, he let the opening tip form Tyson Chandler sail past him. Then he let Steph get an offensive rebound for a short jumper. Then had a turnover and rotated late in transition.

Then there was this during a timeout.


FWIW I'm guessing that more on Archie than Morris. Keef was focused all quarter, made all the right plays, while Archie was the one who looked like he didn't belong.

The rest of the Suns played the game close despite Steph being Steph. Archie was sat down, while Orlando Johnson came in to stay close to Steph and Booker ran the show. Book got two nice assists to Tyson Chandler - the ONLY Sun who knows how to lob to Tyson - and 7 points of his own in the first 8 minutes.

Markieff Morris made three of his first four shots and played as aggressive as I've seen. Maybe Watson was right that Morris has bought in. Man oh man.

The Suns stayed strong all quarter, ending up down only 1 after 12 minutes of play. Win.

GS 29-28.

Archie returned for the second quarter against the Warriors Barbosa and didn't fare much better but at least he didn't let passes and tips fly by him.

But the Suns went colder than the nacho cheese, and got themselves outscored 19-7 in the first 8.5 minutes of the second quarter. After making 11 of 21 first quarter shots, they made just 3 of 16 to start the second.

The big difference was not only the Suns missing jumpers, but being entirely deterred from taking inside shots as Andrew Bogut completely owned the paint. So their missed jumpers were even more egregious. But really, when your back court is Orlando Johnson and Archie Goodwin, jumpers are not going to be pretty.

Anyway, Steph did some crazy stuff for a while, just playing out there trying one new shot after another. And the Warriors took a big lead.

And the halftime score was only mercifully 57-43 Warriors.

Second half

The Suns came out strong to start the second half, but the Warriors passing was just too good and they extended the lead anyway.

Now it's just a Devin Booker triple double watch - he's got 10 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists just after halftime.

Archie had another really bad sequence. Went for the jam but got slam dunked himself by Bogut. And while the Warriors went down for a score, Archie just stood there under his own basket. Made even worse by the Warriors missing their first shot, and the long rebound going back to the Warriors for a three. 10-15 second passed. Archie never crossed half court.

Soon the game devolved into a playground affair of sorts, with each team trying more and more interesting ways to score. Spoiler alert: the Warriors are better at it.

Warriors 91-76 after three.

After three quarters, Devin Booker had 12 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds. He would be the youngest player in NBA history to get a triple-double if he can finish the task. Play him all 12 minutes!!

Stephen Curry might beat him to it though: 26 points, 9 assists and 9 rebounds.

Booker got one more assist early in the fourth, but those rebounds got real elusive when the Warriors just started sprinting to the rim on every possession.

And, then the game just became a waiting game. Why didn't they implement the running clock?

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