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Watch: Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker scores 23 in Rising Stars Challenge, gets nominations to win Three-Point contest

Not only did Phoenix Suns rookie Devin Booker rock the Rising Stars Challenge with 23 easy points, he got a couple of nominations as the dark horse to win the Three Point Contest today.

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker scored 23 points in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge of first and second year players on All-Star Weekend. Here's Book's teammates. Zach LaVine won the playground style, no-defense contest with 30 points.

18 of Booker's points came in the first half in less than 9 minutes of play as the U.S. team racked up 88 first half points in total. gave Booker a good post-game grade, behind only Zach LaVine on the U.S. team.


This is a hilarious exchange between Booker and Clarkson, made even funnier by Kristin Ledlow's reaction.

Here's a longer version where Ledlow just couldn't keep any modicum of control. It looks like she was thisclose to putting those boys in timeout.

Side note: Booker's fun-loving personality, blended with the perfect mix of natural professionalism, is SUCH a welcome development since the Suns have made it their top priority in recent seasons to commit to dead fish personas like the Morrii, Bledsoe and even Brandon Knight. Booker is Nemo bringing a bit of light to the otherwise dark underworld of Suns basketball.

I digress. Back to basketball.

Booker played his usual smooth game and made 5 of 8 three-pointers as a warmup for the three-point contest, later today. Booker is the youngest player in the NBA and will be the youngest ever to compete in the Three-Point Shootout. Don't miss it on TNT!

There's one veteran and fellow contestant who dropped Book's name as a potential winner of the contest.

Devin Booker is getting lots of love this weekend. Let's see how he does under the pressure of the Three-Point Contest. Something tells me he's going to do pretty good.

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