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Phoenix Suns of years past compete in an all-Suns All-Star Saturday Showdown

The best the franchise has had to offer throughout it's history go head to head in the Skills Challenge, 3-point Shootout, and Slam Dunk Contest.

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All-Star festivities have kicked off in Toronto, Canada for 2016, but only Devin Booker is there to represent the Phoenix Suns, competing in the 3-point Shootout. But where's the fun in having All-Star Saturday with just one Sun? That's where the all-Suns All-Star Saturday Showdown comes in.

The rules are simple. Each competitor in the Skills Challenge, 3-point Shootout, and Slam Dunk Contest will be either a current of former member of the Phoenix Suns and were selected based solely on their play while a member of the Suns. That means, for example, that while the likes of Vince Carter and Jason Richardson played for Phoenix, they were not chosen for the dunk contest as they were past their dunking primes by then. Also, any Suns  player who won a contest while in a Suns uniform received an automatic berth in that contest.

The selection process was tough and resulted in the omission of several notable Suns (most notably Walter Davis). Feel free to argue with the selections in the comments.

Skills Challenge

1. Steve Nash
2. Kevin Johnson
3. Jason Kidd
4. Paul Westphal

1. Alvan Adams
2. Boris Diaw
3. Charles Barkley
4. Connie Hawkins

The Rundown: The NBA switched up the format for this year's event, with four guards and four bigs competing in a bracket-style contest. Because of that, this Suns contest possesses the most star power. Phoenix's tradition of great point guards is on full display, with Nash, Johnson, Kidd, and Westphal set to go head to head. Meanwhile, Adams, Diaw, Barkley, and Hawkins comprise an incredibly versatile group of bigs.

Prediction: Nash faces Diaw in the final round, with Nash coming away victorious after Diaw suddenly refuses to shoot. As a two-time winner of this event, it really was Steve's to lose anyway.

3-point Shootout

1. Quentin Richardson
2. Dan Majerle
3. Eddie House
4. Craig Hodges
5. Steve Kerr
6. Dennis Scott
7. Rex Chapman
8. Wesley Person

The Rundown: The Suns have a rich history when it comes to shooting, which left a deep talent pool to select from. Richardson made it automatically as a former Suns champ, which left seven slots available. While guys like Jeff Hornacek, Danny Ainge, Channing Frye, and Mirza Teletovic were difficult omissions, it is difficult to argue against the seven selected ahead of them. Majerle possessed some of the deepest 3-point range in NBA history, and both House and Chapman could heat up in a hurry from deep. As for Hodges, Kerr, Scott, and Person, each were knock-down shooters who could be favored to win any shooting contest.

(‘Poolio Note: I wanted to squeeze Joe Crispin in so bad and tried to on several occasions. But order had to be maintained...)

Prediction: Few players in Suns history could heat up quite like The Howitzer. With that split-second release, House goes on a tear to win the whole thing.

Slam Dunk Contest

1. Larry Nance
2. Cedric Ceballos
3. Gerald Green
4. Amar'e Stoudemire

The Rundown: Once again, Nance receives an automatic berth as the winner of the 1984 Slam Dunk Contest. The same goes for 1992 winner Cedric Ceballos (even though he could probably see through that blindfold). After them, Green goes in as one of the most freakishly athletic players ever to don a Suns uniform. Finally, Stoudemire rounds out the field since Stoudemire was, well, a beast.

Prediction: Green faces Stoudemire in the finals, with Green blowing out an entire birthday cake full of candles for his final dunk. That is topped, however, by Stoudemire, who dunks on Anthony Tolliver sitting on Michael Olowokandi's shoulders to take home the title.

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