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Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever? You decide

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like every most years, the viewers of the dunk contest fall into one of two categories. Either this year's dunkers are trash as they memorialize their elders, or this year's guys are way better than anything that's come before.

Some Dunk Contests really have been trash. That's a given.

But this year's contest might just be the very best dunk competition I have ever seen! Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine kept one-upping each other time and again, with the best part being that they didn't need multiple takes each time to get it right.

LaVine's array of dunks while gliding from the free throw line, and Gordon's dunks while jumping over the Magic mascot were something we've never seen before.

First, let's dunk down memory lane. Here's one guy's view of the 10 best Dunk Contest dunks of all time. You'll see former Suns Amare Stoudemire (in his #32 days), Jason Richardson (Warriors days) and Vince Carter (pre-CTLVCOF days) as well as the original free-throw line dunker, Michael Jordan.

But now, let's stack those Top 10 Dunks EVER to this year's back and forth battle. We might have 10 dunks in this LaVine/Gordon battle alone that might top those best-ever.

They started "slowly" by just making dunks on their own. But then Gordon with his prop mascot and Lavine with his doing a LOT more with the Jordan dunk than Jordan ever did... well, this was a classic duel.

In the end, they had to do a dunk-off. The last two dunks for each guy were made up on the fly. No practice. No preplanning. Just dunk. And even THOSE dunks were bad-ass.

LaVine wins, but Gordon was best

The worst part about this dunk contest was that while LaVine kept making "50" dunks - and no one would disagree he was impressive - the two very best dunks of all were Gordon's dunks while jumping over the magic mascot.

It's a shame that the judges couldn't go any higher than 50 on Gordon's dunks. Again, LaVine's dunks were awesome too. But Gordon's two were better.

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