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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Lose To Houston Rockets 116-100

The Suns had their moments, but they were few and far between. The Rockets were and are the better team right now, and it showed.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns started the game with Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker, P.J. Tucker, Jon Leuer, and Tyson Chandler. As for the Houston Rockets, they began with Patrick Beverley, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, and Dwight Howard.

First Quarter

The Suns start off getting the ball to Jon Leuer who takes his first shot in over a month...He hits it.

Suns not providing much resistance to Houston early. They are getting offensive boards as well...Not a good sign early.

P.J. Tucker hits his first shot of the game...a corner three.

Dwight Howard gets a put-back slam over Tyson Chandler.

Leuer looking good early as he now hits a three.

Halfway through the first, Suns hanging tough, but down 15-12.

Leuer measures and hits another jumper over the defender.

Archie finally gets on the board as well with a drive inside...looked a little rusty to start the game.

Kris Humphries first shot as a Sun is a three-pointer. But...thud

And yet, they lead...

Second Quarter

Phoenix misses their fist two shots to start the quarter...a lay-up by Sonny Weems, and a jumper by Humphries.

Trevor Ariza gets a fast break dunk as Devin Booker gambles on the steal instead of running back...He'll learn.

Dwight misses both free throws but Rockets get  the rebound and find him wide open under the basket for the dunk.

Suns start turning it on though with a three by Humphries and a fast break by Weems for the dunk as well.

Kris Humphries comes back in...already with 5 points and 8 rebounds in his seven minutes of play.

Dwight shakes free of Humphries and catches a long range alley-oop.

Third Quarter

The Suns come out of the half looking even flatter than when they went in. Bad shots, not taking care of the ball, bad name it.

Devin Booker gets his first career technical...Milestone

Booker is obviously a bit frustrated by Harden and it's affecting his play on the offensive end as well. He's only 19, remember.

Now it's Price's turn...

Fourth Quarter

Suns are still not playing well at all, but sometimes Houston relaxes a bit too much and Phoenix reminds them to stay awake.

The Suns are basically just going through the motions now...I'm almost tempted to post updates on the Blazers whooping the Warriors right now, but I'll let you read about that on your own time.

Well, there's something. Jordan McRae hits a three.

Hey, now Humphries runs down court for a dunk! He now has 15 points and 12 rebounds.

Suns now have 21 turnovers which have led to 27 points. Yuck.

Humphries hits a three...He ends with 18 points.

Game Over, Suns lose.

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