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Bright Side Night, Round 2: Another 250 tickets donated to local youth by BSotS and Suns!

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Thanks to the donations from Bright Side readers last fall, we are able to sponsor the second Bright Side Night of the 2015-16 season!

Last fall, we collected donations for 700 tickets to give away to local youth to attend a Suns game on November 14, 2015 against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Watch a video of the inaugural Bright Side Night right here, thanks to reader and contributor Evan Wendt

Not all the tickets were claimed on game night, so we carried over the donations to tomorrow's game against the Brooklyn Nets.

A total of 125 tickets rolled over from Bright Side donations, and the Suns matched that number to make it a 250-ticket giveaway this time, all in honor of you, our contributors. We wanted to make sure every last dollar you donated went to a good cause!

Bright Side Night, version two

Thanks to suggestions from two of our readers, we are donating all 250 tickets to these deserving institutions.

Guthrie Mainstream - 50 tickets

Here's the request I received via email:

First of all, thanks for Bright Side of the Sun.

I really appreciate and admire what you did re: getting suns tickets for local youth. I don't know if any of the tickets are left, but I work for a company ( that provides day treatment and other services for kids and teens with developmental challenges such as autism. A couple months ago we took a group of them to a diamondbacks game. They really loved it.

If any of the Suns tix are still available I'm certain we could put them to good use. I talked about it with the folks in charge of the teen program where I work and there is definitely some interest from their end.

Thanks again Dave!!

Mission: The mission of Guthrie Mainstream Services is to be a leading agency in the provision of creative, innovative, and meaningful service to the individuals we serve. Guthrie Mainstream Services is dedicated to building long-term relationships with the individuals we serve, their families and our direct care providers through quality training, extensive supports, and solid business practices.

Collier Elementary - 6th grade and basketball team (won their division) - 200 tickets

Here's the request I received via email:

I read about your program choosing deserving children to attend a Phoenix Suns game. I would like to recommend the students at Collier Elementary School. We are a Title I school that embraces a school-wide philosophy knew as Kids at Hope. We believe that all kids, regardless of social-economic factors, are talented, smart, and capable of success. It's just a matter of finding out the individual child's path to success.

Because of this philosophy, we place an metathesis on whole-brain learning. We believe a child learns best when multiple parts of the brain are being activated. We believe that we need a balanced blend of Arts, Academics, and Athletics. We try to incorporate all three areas into our lessons as much as possible. It would be a very unique experience to be able to incorporate a real-life basketball into our curriculum, especially since we currently working on geometry. Having the opportunity to get our students excited about a very relevant real-life situation would really help cemented and motivate their growing math skills.

Tomorrow Night!

Attending a basketball game at Talking Stick Resort Arena is a great experience, whether the home teams wins or loses.

We are so excited to give more kids a chance to get out for an evening on the town and see the bright lights, sounds and entertainment of a live basketball game!

Thanks again, Bright Siders! This one's all thanks to you!

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